Does My Practice Staff Need Medical Collections Training?


Does your practice’s office staff feel confident with making A/R collections calls?

If your practice staff is squeamish or hesitant about calling patients and soliciting payments from past due statements, perhaps rather than lacking the desire to make the calls, they lack the confidence. Enrolling your staff in a medical collections training regional seminar enables them to fully learn all aspects of the revenue cycle in a relatively short period of time. In face-to-face seminars, the seminar leader gladly answers all your staff’s questions with the intent on bolstering confidence.

Does your staff have a hard time collecting due to difficult patients?

Even if your staff feels confident asking for payments, they may get intimidated by angry patients or those who claim they just cannot pay and give up attempting to collect from that particular person. Medical collections training seminars and webinars offer solutions on how to properly deal with upset patients. Flip-chart desk helpers are another tool; they serve as an in-office reference for making collections calls. Staff can follow the call procedure charts and use the prompts when responding to objections and excuses.

Does your staff know the laws regarding collections in your state?

If your practice office staff has never had any formal training in collections, they are probably unaware of the laws your state enforces in regards to medical debt collections. Collections training helps staff understand what they can and cannot say to patients while attempting to collect based on your particular state. A private consultation may also be set up to address the specific needs of your practice and make sure your collections practices stay within state guidelines.

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  1. Keisha Williams 03/15/2013, 1:17 pm:

    I have a fairly new billing department & a very new collections person. I am interested in further training for my staff. I would love to see what your company offers. Thanks!

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