Why Is Aloe Vera So Good For Skin?


Go into your local pharmacy and see if you can find the most common ingredient in body and hair care products such as soaps, moisturizers, shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, toothpaste and first aid products.  You will probably find that the most commonly used ingredient in all these items is aloe vera.  Also known as The Miracle Plant, aloe has been used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes as early as ancient Egypt.   So why exactly is that aloe vera gel you see on store shelves so good for skin?

  1. Prevent and Reduce Signs of Aging – As mentioned in a Modern Weight Loss Tips blog post, aloe vera has very high levels of antioxidant.  Antioxidants made of vitamins A, B, C and E bind to free radicals which combat against cellular breakdown and signs of aging.
  2. Diminish Stretch Marks – Stretch marks can be caused by a number of things like pregnancy, weight changes and the natural growth process.  The mark in the skin is caused by a lack of elasticity from the small tears in the dermal layer from the skin stretching.  Aloe vera contains a natural plant collagen that restores the elasticity in the damaged areas.
  3. Heal Sunburn – Everyone knows to put aloe vera gel on a sunburn.  The reason for this is because it has a cooling effect and provides a protective barrier over the skin to protect the burn.  Aloe is incredibly moisturizing (99% water) and has the ability to penetrates four times quicker than water alone.
  4. Maintains Skin pH – Your skin actually provides as a barrier against harmful microorganisms from entering your body.  The pH level of aloe is a little more acidic than that of human skin and creates a more than adequate defense system against harmful microscopic invaders.
  5. Natural Exfoliant – Aloe vera is commonly used in skin care products because it is so gentle, but did you know that despite its gentle nature, it’s also an exfoliant?  Proteolytic enzymes in aloe slough off old skin cells and accelerate the growth of new cells.

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