Is There A Difference Between Botox and Dysport?


For those who may be looking to get their crow’s feet and frown lines filled in, you may not know that there’s actually an alternative injectable medication to Botox .  Dysport became the leading competitor to Botox in 2009 and has been found to be equally effective.  Both Dysport and Botox (clinical name botulinum toxin) are made from the paralyzing neurotoxin protein derived from the Clostridium botulinum bacteria.  Although made from the same protein, it’s important to know that there is a slight difference between the two brands.

First used for its medicinal properties in 1950s, the botulinum toxin was found to have a relaxing effect on muscles when injected.  It was first used to treat to treat cross eye, facial spasms and uncontrollable blinking in children.  Nowadays, botulinum under the brand name Botox or Dysport, is used as a non-invasive way to treat the signs of aging and may not be suitable for the use in minors.

According to the Botox specials Westchester Abadir Associates, a noted difference between Dysport and Botox is the time it takes to see visible results.  Dysport can take only a day to see visible results, whereas Botox can take up to three days.   Both medications are used to smooth out the appearance of fine lines on the face due to aging but have different parts of the face where they work the best.  Dysport has a larger area of spread and works best if injected to the forehead and for frown lines around the brow line and Botox has a smaller spread is works well for tighter, more concentrated areas such as crow’s feet around the eyes, bunny lines along the nose and between the eyebrows.  Dysport has more of a diluted formula with less protein content and can be a little cheaper than Botox.   For Botox discounts Connecticut, contact the Abair Associates about scheduling your appointment.

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  1. XCountry 10/11/2011, 1:49 pm:

    I learned the other day that treatments like Botox and Dysport are actually no help for “race face” – you know that sagging, hollow look that middle-aged hardcore runners get! Juvederm Westchester and Restylane are actually the best treatments for runner’s face.


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